Toronto Pet Supplies has a range of lighting, accessories, food and tank sand and substrates for reptiles and insects. Please note that we do not sell reptiles and insects, only their food and home comforts!


ReptileOne Rainforest Starter Kit  Suitable for Insects,  Scorpions + Small Reptiles

ReptileOne Desert Starter Kit  Suitable for Insects,  Scorpions + Small Reptiles

ReptileOne Tadpole Starter Kit  Suitable for Tadpoles,  Frogs + Turtles

ReptileOne Hermit Crab Starter Kit

Assorted Size Cricket/Insect Holders

Assorted Multipurpose Tanks

Reptile Supplements

Reptile Supplements

Zilla Gut-Load Cricket Drink

Zilla Food Spray Vitamin Supplement

Zilla Shed Ease Reptile Bath

Reptile One Skin Shed

Reptile One Multi-Vitamin

Reptile One  Liquid Calcium

Reptile One Calcium Powder

Australia Pets Feedwell Juvenile Bearded Dragon Pellets

Aqua One Hermit Crab Flake Food

Aqua One Hermit Crab Salt

Sand + Bedding

Kritter Krumble natural bedding for Reptiles and Small Animals; course and fine

Reptile Supplies Superior Reptile Bark

Reptile One Red Ceramic Substrate

Avione Reptile Sand

Australian Pet Supplies Reptile Sand

Zilla Desert Blend

Lighting + Heating


Reptile Supplies Superior Night Glow Lamps

Reptile Supplies Superior Infrared Heat Lamps

Reptile Supplies Superior Daylight Lamps

Reptile Supplies Superior Ceramic Heat Emitters

Reptile Supplies Superior Fluorescent Lamps

ReptileOne Halogen Technology Neodymium Halogen Lamp-

ReptileOne Halogen Technology Daylight Halogen Lamp

Mats + Heat Rocks

* Heat Mats must be used under Glass Tanks only!

Reptile Supplies Superior Heat Mat 15×28

ReptileOne Heat Mat 28×15

Orca Heat Mat

ReptileOne Low Wattage Small Heat Rock

Thermostat, Thermometers + Hygrometers

Reptile Supplies Superior Digital Thermostat

Reptile Supplies Superior Hygrometer

ReptileOne Hygrometer

Reptile Supplies Superior Digital Thermometer