Toronto Pet Supplies can help you with all your pet fish requirements. We sell a wide range of tropical fish, cold water fish and snails, tanks, filtration systems and tank ornaments. You can set up a simple fish tank for your kids or a complete tropical fish aquarium for a stunning backdrop to any room.


AquaOne Betta Haven All-In-One Mini Aquarium

AquaOne Betta Arc

AquaOne Splish & Splash Starter Kit

AquaOne Glass Tanks assort. sizes

Hailea All-In-One Mini Aquarium assort. colours

Hailea Mini Fish Bowl

Betta View Aquarium Kit

EJA Glass Cube Tanks assort. sizes

Divided Glass Betta Tank

Assorted Multipurpose Tanks

Water Treatments

Algae Blocks

Australia Pets Algae Blocks

Aqua One Algae Blocks

Blue Planet Algae Blocks

pH Treatments + Kits

Australia Pets pH Down Powder

Australia Pets pH Up Powder

Australia Pets pH Neutraliser Block

Australia Pets Mini pH Test Kit

Australia Pets Junior pH Test Kit

Australia Pets Senior pH Test Kit

Australia Pets Bromothymol Blue pH Indicator

AquaOne pH Stabiliser Block

Water Conditioners, Medications + Other Treatments

Australia Pets Pond Algae Killer

Australia Pets Pond Water Ager

Australia Pets Pond Clear Water

Australia Pets Algae Killer

Australia Pets Bio Boost

Australia Pets Clear Water

Australia Pets White Spot Treatment

Australia Pets Multicure

Australia Pets Fungus + Fin Rot Treatment

Australia Pets Total

Australia Pets Fishguard

Australia Pets Black Water

Australia Pets Eliminator

Pisces Complete Water Conditioner

Pisces Refresh Established Aquarium

Pisces Establish Start-up Bacteria

Wardley Ick-Away

Wardley Liquid All Clear


Aquarium Features

At Toronto Pet Supplies, we stock a wide range of tank ornaments, like coloured pebbles, faux plants, sculpted ornaments, and even decorat! Our range is always changing so come in and check out what we have in store.


Orca Mini Internal Filter 201F

Hailea Internal Filter HL-BT200, HL-BT400, HL-BT1000

Aqua One Internal Filter 25L


Hailea Adjustable Silent Air Pump 6601, 6602, 6604

Aqua One Battery Air Pump 150c


Orca Internal Heater 25W, 50W, 100W, 150W

Aqua One Thermo-Sub 25W, 100W


Aqua One Sunlight:
– 25W 30″ 76cm T8
– 18W 24″ 60cm T8
– 9W 24″ 60cm T8

Aqua One Tropical:
– 25W 30″ 76cm T8
– 18W 24″ 60cm T8
– 15W 18″ 45cm T8

Aqua One Marine Blue:
– 24W 22″ 56cm

Aqua One Ocean Mix:
– 9W 24″ 60cm T8

ORCA White:
– 15W 18″ 26mm

Degenbao White:
– 18W 24″ T8

Tank Accessories

Genuine Aqua One Carbon Filter Replacements

Replacement Filter Wool

Replacement Filter Sponge

Replacement Carbon

Aqua One Bio Balls

Airline Tubing $2.00 per 1m

T Joints

Check Valves

Airline Suction Cups

Various Size Air Stones


Internal Heater Protectors

Magnetic Glass Cleaners

Air Filters





Banana Lily

Banana Lily

Green Pennywort

Green Pennywort

Corkscrew Valliseria

Corkscrew Vallisneria

Dragons Flame

Dragons Flame

Assorted Swords

Assorted Swords

Purple Waffle

Purple Waffle

Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars