Whether you are buying a new bird for the first time, or just want help keeping your bird entertained and healthy, Toronto Pet Supplies can help. With bird seed mix, cages and toys, we can send you home with everything you need for your pet bird. If you keep birds on a larger scale, Toronto Pet Supplies can order aviaries and specialist bird equipment.

Breeding and Nesting Materials

Breeding Boxes

Finch Breeding Boxes

Budgie Breeding Boxes

Cockatiel Breeding Boxes

Small Parrot Breeding Boxes

Large Parrot Breeding Boxes

X-Large Parrot Breeding Boxes –

Nesting Materials

Swamp Grass

Nesting Feathers

Nesting Mulch –

Bird Cages

Bird Cage

We carry cages from your basic small hanging cage, to flight cages, and large open top parrot cages. We do take orders for larger cages, cage stands and parrot stands.

Poultry Feeders + Waterers

Poultry Feeder 1L

Poultry Feeder w/Handle 1.6kg, 3kg

Poultry Waterer 1L, 1.3L

Poultry Waterer w/Handle 1.5L, 3L, 4L

Bird Treatments

Bird Treatments

Mite + Lice Treatments

Avitrol Bird Mite + Lice Spray

INCA Pestene Powder


AvitrolPlus Bird Worming Syrup

INCA Piperazine Worming Solution

Vetafarm Wormout Gel

AristoPet Ornamental Bird Wormer

Vetsense Kilverm Pig + Poultry Wormer

Vitamins + Antibiotics

INCA Ornithon Vitamin Powder

Vetafarm Soluvite D

Vetafarm Calivet Syrup

Vetafarm Multivet Syrup

Vetafarm Probiotic Powder

Vetafarm Triple C Antibiotic Powder