Thinking of buying a new pet? Toronto Pet Supplies can send you home with a cute rabbit or a guinea pig. If birds are more to your liking, you’ll find a good selection of eye-catching canaries, finches,  budgies, cockatiels and quails in our pet shop. We also have a great range of tropical and cold-water fish.

Our Pets


Toronto Pet Supplies doesn’t just sell pet supplies – you can buy a cuddly, or a not-so-cuddly, friend! Our pet shop section has a range of pets you can take home today including:

  • lop eared dwarf rabbits
  • guinea pigs
  • canaries
  • budgies
  • cockatiels
  • quails
  • finches
  • wide variety of tropical fish from 2cm to 8cm long
  • fantail fish
  • calico fish
  • black moor goldfish
  • comet goldfish
  • shubunkin
  • freshwater snails

All birds are from local registered breeders. Toronto Pet Supplies does not sell cats, dogs, reptiles or insects in its pet shop range.