Small Animals

Small Animals

Do you have a rabbit, guinea pig, mouse or rat? Toronto Pet Supplies stocks a wide range of creature comforts for your little critters. From cages and all-natural wood shavings to stimulating toys for your little friend. And don’t forget our fresh, homemade rabbit and guinea pig food.

Bedding + Pet Litter

Kritter Krumble Coarse or Fine blend
Max’s RSPCA All Natural Pet Litter

Cages + Hutches


At Toronto Pet Supplies we stock a range of plastic and metal indoor and outdoor hutches for your guinea pigs and rabbits. We can also order in mouse cages, and stands for your indoor hutches.


We also stock a range of grooming products for your small animal, toys, wood and mineral chews, water bottles, litter boxes, houses, harnesses, carriers and cages.



AristoPet Ferret Shampoo
Vetafarm Dusting + Bathing Powder

Revolution Puppy + Kitten, also suitable for small rabbits up to 2.5kg
3 and 6 month packets